Saturday, April 18, 2009


The purpose of this blog is document Yale's development and use of the Archivists' Toolkit (AT).

Daniel Hartwig and other members of the Manuscripts and Archives staff will post regularly to document our experience and evaluation of the AT, but we encourage other archivists and institutions to contribute as well. To join in you can post comments or send an email to to sign up as a regular contributor or forward your thoughts to post on your behalf.

As the AT Roundtable takes root, we see this blog as a valuable means for sharing experiences, analysis, and offering suggestions for future AT developments.

This blog is not affiliated with the AT development group, but we welcome their input and participation. Users needing answers to AT-related issues should still post to the Archivists’ Toolkit User Group (ATUG-l can be subscribed to at and/or to or check out the AT Website or Wiki.

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